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Route 1 Design gallery of art prints produced from original digital art by graphic artist Jeffrey Schipritt.
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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
Attributed to
Albert Einstein
JS Imprint
Original art created by
Jeffrey Schipritt
© 2019 Jeffrey Schipritt.
All Rights Reserved.
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Face It
Face It
16" x 16"
Better together.

Everything is a story. Nothing is arbitrary.

Contemporary, hard edge, rich color field, flat surface, and craft as important as art; my background in graphic design has had an obvious impact on my art.

Design without gimmickry, using simplicity, shape and color to tell the story; cultures, too, have had an impact on my art.

The primal, often allegorical nature of portrayals found in Native American, Japanese, New Guinean, African, and Australian Aboriginal societies often influence my concepts and palettes.

An artist is an observer, translating impressions into media. As I am affected by lore and storytelling, I am also sensitive to concerns presented through cultural appropriation. I respect these influencing cultures, study them to understand their history, and am respectful of their impact on life and art.

Below are some of my latest digital illustrations and designs originally created as vector art in Adobe Illustrator. The art is then printed with pigment inks on smooth matte finish 100% cotton rag paper.

Please contact me for additional information regarding prints from my original digital art.

Jeffrey Schipritt
Visual Artist


Original Digital Art Prints Portfolio

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Borne   Bearing
16" x 16"
Early birds.
16" x 16"
Giving direction.
Burden   Benign Grace
16" x 16"
Earth bound.
Benign Grace
16" x 16"
Gift rapt.
Ouroboros   Origin
16" x 16"
Second chance, or second helping?
16" x 16"
Rise up.
Truthsayer   Messenger
16" x 16"
I see you.
16" x 16"
Pssst. It's for you.
Supplicant   She
16" x 16"
Enlighten me.
16" x 16"
Light spirit. Heavy heart.
Elemental   Inception
16" x 16"
Basically speaking.
16" x 16"
Warm welcome.
Awakening   Awareness
16" x 16"
Rise. Shine.
16" x 16"
Matter of time.
Continuum   Equilibrium
16" x 16"
Lost in thought.
16" x 16"
Go with the flow.
Masked One   Two Masks
Masked One
16" x 16"
Feeling hidden.
Two Masks
16" x 16"
Another feeling hidden.
Immigration   Evaporating
16.5" x 22"
Pardon the intrusion.
16.5" x 22"
Now you see me ...
Birth   Essence
16.5" x 22"
Begin being.
16.5" x 22"
Simply put.
Cubic Ruse   Constrained
Cubic Ruse
16" x 16"
Distract art.
16" x 16"
Expect nothing out of the ordinary.
Love Over Hate   Alpha Colors
Love Over Hate
16" x 16"
Put your redress on.
Alpha Colors
16" x 16"
Bright fight.
Woodland Lake   Dancing Elelphant
Woodland Lake
16.5" x 22"
Peek of blue.
Dancing Elephant
16.5" x 22"
Exuberance needs not be graceful.
Tree With Bird
Tree With Bird
16" x 20"
Sole songs.
Spring Tree With Bird   Summer Tree With Bird   Fall Tree With Bird   Winter Tree With Bird
Spring Tree
With Bird
11" x 14"
Sole song 1.
Summer Tree
With Bird
11" x 14"
Sole song 2.
Fall Tree
With Bird
11" x 14"
Sole song 3.
Winter Tree
With Bird
11" x 14"
Sole song 4.
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