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Gallery of custom designs for printed advertising and marketing materials
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Designed to maintain brand awareness.

Route 1 Design can develop the graphic design for all your advertising requirements, in print and online.

Promotion samples on this page  
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Print samples on this page:
Advertisement Design
Brochure Design
Stationery Design
Catalog Design
Direct Mail Design
Flyer Design
Sticker and Sign Design
Label Design
Poster Design
Web samples on this page:
Web Page Design
Web Ad and Animation Design
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In print, Route 1 Design will work with you from design concept through final high resolution file delivery to assure that you achieve your project goals and a quality product. Whether you request two-color or full color material, Route 1 Design will prepare files to meet your printer's specifications or coordinate printing and delivery for you.

You can also rely on Route 1 Design to produce effective magazine and newspaper advertising from black and white small space ads to four-color spreads. Completed files can be downloaded or Route 1 Design will coordinate with printers and publication production managers to assure you meet your deadline and budget.

And, if you are ready to make an impact on the Internet, Route 1 Design is ready to help you with website and landing page design as well as online advertising and animation design.

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Graphic Rule
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Printed promotion samples
Magazine Advertisements
Trade show full color magazine advertisement
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To order custom artwork or to request information, contact the artist Ordering Information
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Newspaper Advertisements
Restaurant black and white newspaper ads
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Charter yacht sales brochure
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Stationery abd business cards
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Art show catalog, display advertisement and invitation
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Direct Mail Postcards
Direct mail postcards
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Community event flyer and postcard design
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Bumper Stickers and Signs
Bumper sticker artwork
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Wine label design and photography
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Event poster
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To order custom artwork or to request information, contact the artist Ordering Information
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Internet promotion samples
Website and Landing Page Concepts
Website conceptual design
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Banner Ads and Web Animations
Animated art sample - website promotion   Web animation sample - internet promotion
Banner advertisement sample - business promotion
Web animation sample   Animated art sample - Christmas ornament - summer motif
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To order custom artwork or to request information, contact the artist Ordering Information
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Contact Information
Start the creative process ...
contact Route 1 Design

If you are considering a graphic designer, please contact Route 1 Design for an explanation of the creative process, a discussion of your expectations, the results you can expect, and an estimate for the completion and cost of your project.

Route 1 Design guarantees personalized, punctual, professional service.

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Professional graphic design services include:

Logo Design

Symbol and Icon Design





Special Event Promotion and Imprinted Merchandise Design

Photography and
Photo Typography

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View typography designs View Samples
Typography Design Typography Design Typography Design

Professional branding design services include:

Print and Internet
Advertising Design

Stationery Design

Greeting Card Design

Invitation Design

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