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Using the Internet to successfully promote community events
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Increase your audience - increase your attendance.

Traditional approaches to promoting your community event, depending on your budget, may include:
Press releases, community calendars, newspaper ads, TV and radio spots, posters, flyers, and invitations.

These traditional approaches to promoting special events still work. But, by including Internet promotion in your campaign, your promotion becomes even more effective - especially on a limited budget.

The Internet offers a number of advantages not found in other media. Understand and use these unique capabilities to grow your ticket sales.

Successful online promotions require strategic research, a thorough understanding of the medium, and the creative solutions provided by a professional graphic designer.

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The Internet - an affordable promotion tool.

Promoting special events on the Internet offers unique advantages and opportunities.

Most events are annual endeavors, so it's wise for community event organizers and nonprofit fundraisers to consider a Web promotion for their event.

Usually Internet advertising for special events is limited to annual event directories or monthly event calendars. Information is condensed and with event calendars, the announcement usually appears only two to three weeks prior to the event, many times to a restricted audience.

A good compliment to these listings is an Internet promotion consisting of one or two Web pages. Increase the information available and, often, the audience. Use a Web address unique to the event such as for recognition and ease of access. This is fairly easy to arrange.

The best approach to getting your Web promotion online would be to work with your current media partners.

Ask the marketing or community relations department of the local newspaper, radio or TV station to add a Web promotion to their sponsorship package. As with traditional media, they can coordinate your content and produce the promotion. A registered Web address and hosting plan can be provided or arranged through services such as InMotionHosting and GoDaddy. An alternative, of course, is to contract a professional Web designer to develop the promotion for you.

Even though your organization may have its own Web site, there are many advantages to arranging a specific Web address to promote a specific event.

By posting a simple Web promotion consisting of one to three pages of facts and photos, you have an effective, interactive information source that can contain lots of information in an exciting format that enhances your traditional advertisements. It's easy to drive traffic to one simple address. Use print to promote your web address and online, use emails, Facebook and Twitter to link directly to your event's information site.

You can develop the Web promotion in phases.

Get your promotion up well in advance of the event. This is a good time to use the Web site for vendor and sponsorship information. Use it to attract and update volunteers. Add to the content as information becomes available, inviting readers to check back regularly.

As the event date nears, having a specific online promotion makes it is easy to refer the readers and listeners of traditional ads to the Web address for your event.

When using traditional media, such as print advertisements, broadcast spots, or flyers and posters, it's important to always include your event's Web address. You may also want to include a banner ad in your promotion budget or sponsorship arrangement. And, of course, link to it from your organization's Web site and in emails.

On the Internet, new or changing information can easily be added or updated, such as ticket winner announcements and schedule changes.

Another advantage, sponsors appreciate the added exposure of having their interactive logo with a link to their Web site. A little extra traffic is always appreciated. This is a helpful sell to obtain and keep event sponsors.

And when the event is over ...

The event's Web address is active throughout the year. Recap the event and announce the date and theme for next year's event. Post photos, list kudos and use the space to thank volunteers, community leaders and sponsors. And, get ready to update and develop the content for next year's event.

Your Web presence is an integral part of your identity. It is important that your online promotions reflect your organization's image. Always work with professionals to take full advantage of all that Web promotions can offer.

If you would like to discuss how your next special event promotion can benefit from a professionally developed event logo, Web page and Internet marketing plan, contact Route 1 Design.

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As your event team is planning the next special event, don't forget the importance of a professionally designed logo.

The right "look" helps to sell your event through invitations, advertisements, displays and merchandise.

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Route 1 Design has created custom art for a variety of event promotions and merchandise designs.

Providing the appropriate file formats for all media and logo applications is part of the creative service.

Contact Route 1 Design now to find out how easy and affordable it is to get a professional design for your next event.

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