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Promotion and advertisement opportunities
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Connect Locally!

Route 1 Design, located in Rhode Island, has online space available to promote causes, services, events, contests and products

Route 1 Design was created to provide quality graphic design services and targeted marketing strategies for start-up entrepreneurs, small businesses, community groups, not-for-profit organizations and special event planners.

Choose local. Buy Rhodeside.

Additionally, Route 1 Design hopes to be a good neighbor and actively seeks to spread good news and to espouse good causes.

If your group or organization is trying to make a positive difference in our lives, you may be able to obtain promotion space on Route 1 Design.

Make a positive difference!

If you have a good cause that you feel should be promoted on Route 1 Design, email the name and website link along with a brief description for consideration. No solicitations please!

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Good news and good causes
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Nonprofit Promotion and For Profit Advertisement Space
Banner Ads, Buttons and Text Link Boxes

Not-for-profit groups, if Route 1 is near your neighborhood, consider spreading the word about your good cause or good news on Email the specifics of your request for consideration at least one week before desired insertion date.

For advertisers, Route 1 Design provides competitively priced online advertising. If Route 1 Design provides you with a good neighborhood to market your business, banner ad placement is available in fixed positions throughout the website. For specific information regarding your Internet advertisement, email Route 1 Design to submit the details of your project. Ad production requests must be received at least one week before insertion date.

Nonprofit Promotion Banners
Promote your cause, charity or fundraising event on the Route 1 Design website. 501(c)(3) not-for-profit groups may apply for banner promotions, maximum 12 month duration. Banner art can be provided by Route 1 Design or Web ready banner ads are accepted providing they adhere to: 190 x 60; GIF, JPEG, or Flash; 20k (maximum) file size. Additional banner ad sizes may be available. Email the full link to your Web page, a brief description of the cause, and the run duration if you are submitting a community event. Promoters will be required to sign an In Kind Donation acknowledgement supplied by Route 1 Design. Pending review and approval, you will receive an acknowledgement of placement on the Route 1 Design website.

Banner Ads
Right-hand column fixed Half Banner positions are available for $30 per month per banner ad, billed per duration, paid in advance. Banner art production services are available through Route 1 Design or Web ready banner ads are accepted providing they adhere to: 190 x 60; GIF, JPEG, or Flash; 20k maximum file size. Other ad sizes may be available. (Additional specs below.) Email Route 1 Design to discuss prices and options.

Special Positions
Custom arrangements are available upon request and are subject to a premium. Options include fixed position and run-of-site paid banner ad positions. Ad sizes run from small buttons to Leaderboards. Email Route 1 Design to discuss prices and options.

Nonprofit Promotion Text Links
Promote your not-for-profit message on Route 1 Design's "Spread the word ..." page. Email the full URL link, a brief description of the cause, and the run duration if you are submitting a community event. Pending review and approval, you will receive an acknowledgement of placement on

Text Box Ads
Right-hand column text boxes are available for $15 per month per Text Link, billed per duration, maximum 12 months, paid in advance. Approximately 25 characters per Text Link (spaces included). Email Route 1 Design to discuss prices and options.

Additional Ad Specs
No expanding, floating, pop-up or in-stream ads are accepted.
Banner ads may loop up to 7 times with 30-second animation (maximum).
Banner ads with a white background must have a 1-pixel border (minimum).
Banner ad ALT tags may contain up to 50 characters (including spaces).
Flash ad frame rate must be no greater than 12 frames per second.
A default GIF must be provided for users without Flash or JavaScript.
Sound must be user-initiated (on-click) with clearly identified play and stop controls.

Advertising should not contain material that Route 1 Design considers to constitute or promote discrimination. No adult material, gambling or tobacco advertising will be accepted.

All copy and any graphic content must be provided by the client on disk or electronically. Any supplied text, art and photography files are the responsibility of the provider and are assumed to be copyright and/or royalty free.

Route 1 Design is not responsible for content and reserves the right to reject or cancel any promotion or advertising at any time.

All public policy, advocacy, political or candidate advertising must be clearly identified on every frame.

Advertiser Agreement
Route 1 Design requires an email or letter from the advertiser or agent, ordering the advertising at least one week before the advertising is scheduled to run.

Payment for all banner ad and text box insertions must be made in advance.


These guidelines may change without notification so please review them periodically.
Updated 07/18/2017

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Contact Information

If you are considering a graphic designer, please contact Route 1 Design for an explanation of the creative process, a discussion of your expectations, the results you can expect, and an estimate for the completion and cost of your project.

Route 1 Design guarantees personalized, punctual, professional service.

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