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Jeffrey Schipritt

If you are considering a graphic artist to design an original logo or to create a unique illustration for your brand, publication or event, please contact me at Route 1 Design for an explanation of the creative process, a full discussion of your needs and expectations, the results you can expect, and an estimate for the completion and cost of your project.

Route 1 Design guarantees personalized, punctual, professional service.

Jeffrey Schipritt
Creative Director, Owner


Greeting card publishers ...

I am actively seeking freelance design and writing opportunities with greeting card publishers.

If you are a greeting card editor or publisher considering a freelance graphic designer, please contact me at Route 1 Design.

Sample greeting card cover design by Jeffrey Schipritt

Original greeting card designs are available for preview and purchase. A link to view samples will be provided.

I would be equally happy to work with an editor to develop new cover art concepts for a greeting card publishing company.

References and printed greeting card samples are available upon request.

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Sample Illustration  
Get noticed.

A quality logo design shows that you are a professional and have made an investment to set your company, product, program or event a notch above the competition.

So, too, the right illustration evoking the right mood is an important element in publications, marketing campaigns and event promotions.

Whether your mark consists of graphic, typographic or illustrative elements, Route 1 Design will produce the look you need to meet your needs.

Route 1 Design creates original, memorable designs that use crisp lines and bold, bright colors. Custom art is created to reflect the message and to work in all media - in print and on the Internet, as well as when imprinted, screened or embroidered.

When you choose Route 1 Design to produce a logo or an illustration, from beginning to end, you'll enjoy being part of the process of creating custom art developed especially to meet your needs and expectations.

Further, artwork files are prepared to meet each vendor's specifications - correctly, so there are no delays in meeting production deadlines. Route 1 Design is always available to work with your printer or vendor to assure quality control.

Art is integral to the message. Attract, reinforce, amuse, or simply please with creative, professionally rendered designs and illustrations.

Contact Route 1 Design for additional information or to request a quote.


Graphic Design and Illustration Portfolio

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Sample Symbol Design   Sample Symbol Design
Garden Center Symbol Design
Citrus Growers Symbol Design
Sample Event Logo Art   Sample Illustration
Sailing Event Logo Design
King of the Jungle Illustration
Sample Charity Event Logo Art   Sample Symbol Art
Newport Roundup Event Logo
Political Symbol Design
Sample Event Illustration   Sample Party Invitation Cover Art
Sailing Event T-shirt Art
Party Invitation Cover Art
Sample Seal Graphic Design   Cartoon Illustration Sample
Sustainable Foods Seal Design
Snake 'n' Eggs Cartoon Drawing
Sample Greeting Card Art   Sample Event Logo
Polar Bear on Vacation Illustration
Community Event Logo Design
Sample Event Logo   Sample Illustration
Special Event Logo Art
Festive Person Illustration
Sample Party Merchandise Imprint Art   Sample Holiday Card Art
Cactus Canapés Imprint Art
Christmas Card Cover Art
Sample Team Mascot Art   Sample Symbol Design
Team Mascot Illustration
Renewable Energy Symbol Design
Sample Imprint Art   Sample Holiday Card Cover Art
Motivational Imprint Design
Tropical Snowman Holiday Card Art
Sample Illustration   Sample Illustration
Smiling Moon Illustration
Happy Anchor Illustration
Sample Tee Shirt Art   Sample Illustration
Rhode Island Tourism T-shirt Art
Lotus Blossom Illustration
Sample Illustration   Event Logo Art
Holiday Greeting Card Illustration
Arbor Day T-shirt Imprint Art
Sample Typography Design   Sample Tpography Design
Sailboat Name Typography
Powerboat Name Typography
Contact Route 1 Design for professional graphic arts services including custom, high-quality designs and illustrations for logos, branding, advertising, editorial and commentary, Internet promotions, greeting cards and invitations, special events and imprinted merchandise.
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