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The Creative Director at Route 1 Design is an experienced graphic designer providing professionally produced art for marketing, advertising, and event promotion.

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If you are considering an experienced graphic designer skilled in branding, advertising and event promotion, please contact Route 1 Design for an explanation of the creative process, a discussion of your expectations, the results you can expect, and an estimate for the completion and cost of your project.

Route 1 Design guarantees personalized, punctual, professional service.

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Jeffrey Schipritt

"As the Creative Director at Route 1 Design and as an experienced graphic designer, I believe that design for communication should be clean, intuitive, memorable and always achieve the desired effect.

To assure the design for your project meets your specific goals and expectations, I listen to you, comprehend your objectives, and then provide an effective visual solution tailored to meet your needs."

Jeffrey Schipritt
Creative Director, Owner


Whether printed, imprinted or animated, effective communication requires the skills of a experienced, versatile graphic designer.

Let me introduce myself.

I am a professional graphic artist with a background in marketing, advertising, and event promotion. Often complimented for my ability to listen, understand, and provide effective solutions, I place special emphasis on identifying client expectations and meeting project goals. I have been especially successful working with small businesses, start-up entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, community associations and event planners.

Proficient in both print and online design, I enjoy the unique creative opportunities offered through both. I am always happy to apply my print expertise plus my knowledge of the Internet to new communication projects and challenges.

My creative skills include logo design, corporate identification and product branding, newspaper and magazine advertisements, printed collateral, conceptual design for the Internet, event promotions and imprint design, illustration, and typography. Though I primarily produce art and graphics digitally on a Macintosh, I will also sit down at the drawing table to create traditional drawings and ornamental lettering.

My design experience has been shaped by working in publishing, corporate communication, small business development, marketing, sales, training and education, nonprofit events management, and community relations. In all cases, I am actively involved in research, strategy, conceptual mock-ups, copywriting, final design, production and delivery.

I am versed in the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Acrobat.

With regard to business operation, I possess excellent communication skills plus staff and project management abilities. I work well in a team environment and always maintain good interpersonal rapport.

I have lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Maine, and currently reside in Rhode island. Wherever I live, I like to actively participate in local community programs and causes. I enjoy photography, traveling, music, native landscaping, and working to preserve the natural environment. And, I especially enjoy all aspects of art and design.

Please contact me if you feel I can help you meet your communication goals. I am available for consulting, contract or freelance design projects.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your expectations and how I can benefit your creative team and positively impact the success of your marketing efforts.

Graphic Design
Professionally trained artist skilled in marketing, advertising and promotion design
  Experienced in:
  Logotypes and Symbols · Full Color Print Design and Coordination · Web Site Conceptual Design and Architecture · Print and Online Advertisements · Direct Mail · Publication Design · Imprint and Embroidery Design · Animation · Illustration · Photography
In-depth understanding of market research, message strategy and media planning
  Experienced in:
  Identity Branding · Strategic Research · Media Placement · Customer Relations Management (CRM) · Search Engine Optimization (SEO) · Sales and Training · Public Relations · Community Relations · Copywriting and Editing
Design and layout skills for newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, newsletters, and Web sites
  Experienced in:
  Magazine Editorial and Advertising Layout · Newspaper Advertisement Design · Cover Design · Specialty Publication Design · Website Design Concepts · Newsletter and Flyer Design · Media and Sales Kit Development · Print Production Coordination
In print and online special event promotion, printed and imprinted merchandise design, on-site logistics and volunteer coordination
  Experienced in:
  Event Theme and Activity Development · Event Branding Design for Logos, Posters, Invitations, Advertising · Merchandise and Promotions Design and Coordination · Online Landing Page and Banner Advertising Design · Set-up and On-site Management · Vendor and Volunteer Coordination
Application Skills
Digital artist proficient in Web and Desktop Publishing software
  Experienced in:
  PhotoShop · Illustrator · Dreamweaver · Basic HTML, CSS · Acrobat · InDesign · Microsoft Word · Excel · PowerPoint · Macintosh and Windows Platforms
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