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Route 1 Design provides the full range of creative services required for successful branding, advertising and marketing in print, on the Internet and through special events.

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If you are considering an experienced graphic designer skilled in branding, advertising and event promotion design, please contact Route 1 Design for an explanation of the creative process, a discussion of your expectations, the results you can expect, and an estimate for the completion and cost of your project.

Route 1 Design offers quality graphic arts services to help you to communicate effectively as well as economically.

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High quality, imaginative, effective graphic design is the cornerstone of the creative solutions available to you at Route 1 Design.

The copy, typefaces, images, layout, files and all that affects the presence of your printed collateral and web promotions are equally important to the success of your marketing efforts. Route 1 Design provides or will coordinate all the creative services required to make your project a success.

Identity Design
A strong, recognizable logo design is a key element in your marketing. Route 1 Design provides memorable, professionally produced custom logotypes, symbols and marks for your business, products, services and campaigns. Because it is created by a professionally trained graphic artist, a logo designed by Route 1 Design will be equally effective in the variety of media used for print or online.

Print Design
Route 1 Design consistently produces effective, affordable marketing collateral that reflects your brand and meets your marketing objectives. Whether you require a business card, magazine ad, brochure or catalog, Route 1 Design will research, comp, design and coordinate the production of your printed collateral.

Internet Conceptual Design
Website and online advertisement design requires an in-depth knowledge of the Internet's strengths and limitations. Route 1 Design creates effective, eye-catching concepts for banner advertisements and websites geared to attract and interact with your audience. If required, Route 1 Design will also work with your Internet technician or service provider to assure optimum quality and effectiveness.

Special Event Logos and Imprinted Merchandise Design
A professionally designed, readily recognizable logo not only enhances your event's theme but also the sale of promotional merchandise such as t-shirts and hats. Route 1 Design produces memorable event art that not only highlights invitations and posters but is specifically designed to meet imprint and embroidery specifications. Route 1 design will work with your vendors, providing the appropriate files to meet their individual requirements.

Illustrations are often required to clarify or add personality to your message. Route 1 Design offers traditional illustration and drawing skills as well as computer generated art and animation. Route 1 Design specializes in art that is highly graphic with crisp lines and bright colors. If a particular style is required, Route 1 Design will coordinate stock art or freelance illustrators.

Typography is a major component of good design. Understanding how to use type to its best advantage will give the design and the message greater impact. The contrast, weight, and style of a typeface works within the layout to support the overall theme. Route 1 Design will select, effectively combine and even design a typeface to set the appropriate tone and reinforce the message.

Cartoons and Animation
Cartoons and comical characters grab attention and reinforce your message. Route 1 Design creates humorous illustrations, comics and cartoons using crisp lines and bold, bright colors. This custom art can be used for editorials, marketing and promotions adding a unique impact in print, imprint, and screened applications, as well on the Internet.

Route 1 Design provides the convenience of in-house digital photography for use in print, on the Internet, and for product and publicity shots. Should high-quality work or specific photographic techniques be required, stock photography or a professional photographer can be arranged.

Good copy is part of good design. Route 1 Design provides targeted advertising copy for your sales and marketing materials. For larger projects, a professional copywriter can be arranged.

Marketing Consultation
In order to provide the most effective visual solutions, a qualified graphic designer should be proficient, as well, in strategic research, branding, marketing and promotions. Route 1 Design is always available to assist with your marketing efforts, providing creative and technical advice that will help you to communicate more effectively.

Because Route 1 Design works with a variety of printers, service providers and vendors, your project can easily be matched with the best production solution. If you prefer to coordinate the production of your project, correctly formatted files are made available for download from the Internet or provided on disk. Software programs used at Route 1 Design are Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, Fireworks, Word and Acrobat.

Route 1 Design can maintain your project's files within an Internet archive so that they remain available for future applications. It is the mission of Route 1 Design to consistently provide a professional, uncomplicated, and enjoyable relationship with each client and to always be available to answer questions or concerns.

Route 1 Design wants to be your first choice every time you need professional graphic design services. Choose Route 1 Design for personalized, punctual, professional graphic design services priced to fit your budget.

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