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Route 1 Design consistently delivers an uncomplicated and enjoyable client-designer relationship, clean, intuitive, and memorable graphic design, and accurately produced art files provided on time and within budget.

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Start the creative process.

If you are considering an experienced graphic designer skilled in branding, advertising and event promotion design, please contact Route 1 Design for an explanation of the creative process, a discussion of your expectations, the results you can expect, and an estimate for the completion and cost of your project.

Route 1 Design guarantees personalized, punctual, professional service.

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Creative Services

Creative Process

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Print and Internet production requirements may differ, but overall, to achieve effective communication solutions in either medium, the creative requirements remain similar.

At Route 1 Design, you can expect the creative process to be uncomplicated, effective, and enjoyable!

Client expectations and concerns, the project, media alternatives and the desired response are discussed, without obligation, including price estimate and deadline.

Strategic Research
A variety of components are analyzed and assembled including existing/new logo and branding, product/concept/event purpose, additional client input, key competition, the market, target audience, response, needs, benefits, strategy, and promotion.

All text, art and photography files supplied or coordinated by client are delivered in suitable formats and are assumed to be copyright and/or royalty free.

Creative Concept
A proposal is formulated based on strategic research and developed as a comprehensive part of client's marketing efforts. Media, production and costs are discussed.

For a Web promotion, the concept includes proposed page(s) architecture, interactivity, optimization, files and delivery.

Conceptual Mock-up
Primary design with color scheme and typography, incorporating client's logo and branding, proposed copy/content, detailing the overall "look and feel", is posted online for review.

A website design mock-up includes primary template with site navigation.

Design Revisions
Client feedback and creative enhancements are incorporated into the design, then posted online for final review.

For print and imprint design, the final design is developed, posted online for client approval, and required files are provided on CD and placed online for printer and vendor access.

For a Web conceptual design, the final custom template designs for websites or designs for online advertisements are developed, posted online for client approval, and provided either to specified Web developers and technicians as artwork rendered in a suitable format or provided as HTML to a specified Internet publisher or hosting service.

All content produced for clients remains the intellectual property of Route 1 Design until final and full payment has been accepted. Upon final payment copyright is transferred to the client.

Route 1 Design reserves the right to use the graphics that it produces for the promotion of its design services.

Route 1 Design will always be available to supply you with duplicate files or to assist you with any usage questions that may arise. Customer service is always free!

Route 1 Design wants to be your first choice every time you need professional graphic design services. Choose Route 1 Design for personalized, punctual, professional graphic design services priced to fit your budget.

A pledge.

Route 1 Design will consistently deliver quality creative services that enhance advertising and marketing efforts in print, on the Internet and at special events.

Clients can expect professional, targeted visual solutions that meet or exceed expectations and goals. Effective graphic design is delivered on time and within budget.

Vendors can expect skillfully produced art files tailored to meet specific needs. Graphics prepared for use in print, online, imprint, screen or embroidery applications are optimized for the respective medium.

Route 1 Design will maintain, in art and in business, the highest professional standards and ethics. Full and honest communication, responsiveness to feedback, and thorough exchange of information are always encouraged.

Route 1 Design will actively participate in professional and community associations to insure continued professional development, awareness of resources and needs, and access to new business opportunities.

Route 1 Design intends to maintain an excellent reputation and continued growth through successful alliances with customers, venders and communication professionals.

Route 1 Design will help you communicate effectively and economically.

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