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Route 1 Design, as time and resources allow, can donate logo design services to support programs and special events offered through Maine nonprofit community organizations.

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Contact Route 1 Design to request a Pro Bono Special Event Logo

Pro bono event logo sample.

The above logo art is an example of a donated special event logo designed for a Caribbean-themed fundraising event held by a nonprofit organization.

If you represent a nonprofit located in Maine, your organization may qualify for a donated event logo design. Review the application process to the right and contact the artist at Route 1 Design.

If you represent a business and your company requires an experienced graphic designer skilled in branding, advertising and event promotion design, please contact the artist at Route 1 Design for an explanation of the creative process, a discussion of your expectations, and the results you can expect.

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Support a local community program and Route 1 Design will support you!


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Pro Bono Creative Services



Route 1 Design would like to offer pro bono graphic art services to promote programs or special events hosted by Maine community and nonprofit organizations.

Does your fundraising event need a new or revised logo?

Creative time and talent can be volunteered by the artist at Route 1 Design to produce a logo for a special event that supports a mission-based organization located in Maine that is primarily involved in supporting social programs within our state or within one of our local communities.

FREE special event logo design services.

From invitations to posters to merchandise, an effective event logo sells. A professionally designed logo is memorable and immediately recognizable as unique to your event. It will reflect your organization's message and support the event's goals.

When Route 1 Design creates a custom logo for event marketing, all the possible applications must be considered. Route 1 Design produces logos for special events that can be imprinted, screened and embroidered as well as used in print and on the Internet. Artwork files are prepared to meet each vendor's specifications - correctly, so there are no delays in meeting production deadlines.

If your Maine-based 501(c)(3) organization has a community program or special event that meets the above criteria and would benefit from a custom logo design to market your community program or event through advertisements, sales, and promotions, please email a proposal to Route 1 Design.

Your proposal should:

1. Provide a description of your organization and the primary cause supported by the organization or its particular program or event. Include the link to your website.

2. Describe the organization, program or activity and goals, including the event date and the slogan if applicable. If you have a specific concept in mind, please describe that as well.

3. Explain how the pro bono art will be used.

4. Include in the proposal what about this pro bono assignment would be interesting, fun, or beneficial for Route 1 Design.

5. Explain your organization's approval process - by individual, organizing committee or board, and the time needed for approval, i.e. at a monthly meeting.

6. Indicate one individual, including title and contact information with phone, email and mail address, who is authorized to coordinate all elements of the design process in a timely manner, including final approval of the design.

Submit the proposal via email to be received by Route 1 Design no later than two months prior to planned usage. Click here for email contact information. Remember, not only is time required for developing and approving the logo artwork, sufficient time is also required by your vendors to produce the marketing materials and merchandise to promote your event.

At the discretion of Route 1 Design, applications for pro bono graphic art services are approved as time and resources allow. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection within one week of receipt of the proposal. Route 1 Design is under no obligation to provide pro bono graphic art services.

The pro bono design and production process:

1. Based on initial discussion, Route 1 Design will prepare three unique, custom designed program or special event logo concepts for review online.

2. The design is intended to support your organization's brand and the event's goals. If required, one set of alterations may be applied to one selected concept.

3. The finished logo, based on the approval of one of the three concepts, will be available for review within one week of that approval.

4. Final logo files will then be prepared which will include formats suitable for print, Internet, imprint and embroidery. These files will be available online for download by your event printing and promotions vendors.

5. Route 1 Design will be available to your organization and select vendors for consultation on implementation of your event logo.

6. This is a one-time obligation on the part of Route 1 Design. The event's hosting organization retains all rights to the final logo design. In turn, Route 1 Design would like to receive credit for the logo design, samples of the logo design's applications, and reserves the right to use the logo design on for the promotion of its design services.

A pledge to the community

Pro bono or donated creative services will continue, as resources allow, to be offered by Route 1 Design to Maine organizations that are focused on the arts, on the environment, on youth, on seniors, on community services, on people with disabilities, or on equal rights.

Pro Bono and Donated Artwork Copyright Limitations

Any artwork, including illustrations, designs and text, produced by the artist at Route 1 Design specifically as a charitable event donation or for a not-for-profit event contest is considered as royalty free for use only by the organizing charity or non-profit organization for the duration of the specific event or as specified by contest regulations. Acceptance of the donated artwork must be clearly stated in writing. If neither accepted nor used by the charity or organization, all artwork and custom text remain the property of the Route 1 Design Creative Director and any or all of the artwork may not be used without written permission of the Route 1 Design Creative Director. Other conditions may apply by special arrangement. Click here to view Route 1 Design copyright and privacy policies.


Route 1 Design wants to be your first choice every time you need professional graphic design services. Choose Route 1 Design for personalized, punctual, professional graphic design services priced to fit your budget.

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